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Frequently Asked Questions

At Davidson Dental Associates, we don’t want any of our patients’ questions and concerns to go unanswered. Below, you’ll find some of the most popular FAQs our team hears here in Washington, D.C. and their respective answers. Also, please don’t hesitate to contact our office directly if you’re still left wondering about something that isn’t addressed below, as we’d be happy to provide whatever information you need in full.

What exactly is a prosthodontist?

Prosthodontics is one of the nine dental specialties that the ADA (American Dental Association) recognizes, and a trained prosthodontist like Dr. Davidson typically undergoes three years of additional schooling past the typical dental education. Prosthodontics are primarily concerned with the restoration and replacement of teeth, and they have a unique understanding of the important elements that go into a fully functional smile.

Will I need to visit a specialist at any point if I want dental implants?

No! Our practice has already brought the specialist to you. We have a highly-skilled specialist team with over 25 years of experience, that will assist Dr. Davidson by completing the surgical portion of your dental implant treatment right here in-office.

Is there a way to straighten my teeth without wearing metal braces?

Yes. Invisalign® clear aligners live up to their name by helping patients correct misaligned teeth and gaps in a pleasingly subtle fashion. Each aligner is made of a comfortable, clear plastic material that blends in well with smiles, and they can be easily removed from the mouth as well. This means patients can still enjoy all their favorite foods and practice their oral hygiene routines like normal!

Do you see dental emergencies?

We certainly do. If you are in the Washington, D.C. area and struggling with a serious dental injury or pain, don’t hesitate to contact our practice right away for emergency care. With several doctors in-office, we will do everything in our power to see you without delay.

I’m experiencing a lot of pain and sensitivity in my tooth. Can you help?

You may be suffering from an advanced dental infection. Thankfully, extraction isn’t the only option available, as our practice features an in-house endodontist! Dr. Sallen can perform root canal therapy, while will remove harmful bacteria and pulp from within the affected tooth and help you maintain its livelihood.

Do I need my wisdom teeth removed?

Wisdom teeth (also known as third molars) are the very last adult teeth to emerge into a patient’s natural smile, and their late arrival is likely to become problematic because of a lack of space. However, they don’t automatically have to be extracted if they’re functioning properly! The best way to know for sure is to visit our oral surgeon for an in-depth consultation. She will assess the position and health of your wisdom teeth and provide her honest recommendation for further treatment.

Will you take my insurance?

Davidson Dental Associates is happy to work with most major PPO insurance plans. If you work for a major employer (such as the Federal Government, World Bank and IMF) in the D.C. area, it’s likely that your coverage will be accepted here. To learn more about financial options, please visit our new patients page.